Ather Rizta family electric scooter’s battery pack teased in new video

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The teaser video shows the battery undergoing a 40-foot drop test to demonstrate the durability of the component that will power the upcoming Rizta f

Ather Rizta battery teaser
The Ather Rizta will be revealed on April 6 at the Ather Community Day (Instagram/Ather Energy)

Ather Energy will reveal the new Rizta electric scooter on April 6, 2024, at the Ather Community Day. Ahead of the debut, the company is slowly revealing little details about the upcoming offering in a bid to keep buyers excited. The latest teaser video has now dropped on Ather’s social media and shows the new battery pack on the Rizta.

The teaser video shows the battery undergoing a 40-foot drop test to demonstrate the durability of the component. The video ends with the battery pack successfully withstanding the impact at the end of the test. The company says that the drop test showcases the battery pack’s ability to withstand shocks when going over bad roads. That’s all the details the company has shared so far without giving out numbers on the capacity or range. The flat design though hints at the battery going under the floorboard, similar to the Ather 450X, which would ensure maximum space under the seat.

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Details remain scarce but Ather has promised the biggest seat in the segment and under-seat storage for the Rizta family e-scooter. The company currently builds battery packs in the 2.9 kWh and 3.7 kWh capacities respectively. The former promises a range of 111 km, while the latter offers a range of 150 km (certified) on a single charge. It needs to be seen if the Rizta will get the same battery pack or if the company opt for something larger in the interest of a higher range.

The bigger battery pack will also increase the weight of the scooter, which will be another challenge for the company. Hence, it needs to be seen how the Rizta is engineered to accommodate the needs of the family scooter buyer. Complete details on the Rizta should be available early next month. Make sure to keep watching this space for all the action.

First Published Date: 12 Mar 2024, 20:46 PM IST

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