EICMA 2023: Hero’s Vida unveils Lynx & Acro electric dirt bike concepts

Hero MotoCorp’s electric two-wheeler arm Vida has unveiled the Lynx and Aero electric dirt bike concepts at EICMA 2023. The Vida Lynx is an electric dirt bike concept that promises quick acceleration with its light weight, while the Vida Acro is a modular electric dirt bike concept targeted at children between the ages of 3-9 years.

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| Updated on: 09 Nov 2023, 17:27 PM

The Vida Lynx Concept is an electric dirt bike that weighs just over 80 kg with a 15 kW (20.1 bhp) motor

The Vida Lynx electric dirt bike’s design has been inspired by the lynx spotted wild cats, which are known for their agility in climbing. The company says that the Lynx e-bike mimics those qualities with the focus on having the best “ride and handling characteristics with the lowest possible weight.” Being an electric offering gives riders access to instant torque and silent operation, bringing more possibilities to the model.

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The bike gets a suspension geometry for better weight distribution, allowing it to tackle rough terrains, while the new frame allows better front-to-rear weight distribution to optimise handling. Vida says that parameters like regenerative braking and traction control can be customised on the bike using a mobile app. The Lynx weighs a little over 80 kg and gets a 3 kWh battery pack that can last for about an hour. The electric motor churns out about 15 kW (20.1 bhp), promising an incredible power-to-weight ratio.

Vida Acro concept
The Vida Acro concept showcases a modular frame that can be adjusted in three sizes to suit kids between the ages 3-9 years

Up next is the Vida Acro concept electric dirt bike that’s targeted at children. The electric mini bike for kids is scalable with its three-point adjustable frame that allows the chassis to increase or decrease in size within two minutes, depending on the child’s size and age. The adjustable mechanism allows the user to adjust the seat height, length of the bike and handlebar position, to ensure the ergonomics and ride remains uncompromised. The mini bike can be adjusted in three sizes.

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The Acro comes with power tool battery packs that allow for easy swap and intra-compatibility. These batteries will be able to charge home appliances as well as the mini bike, helping users save costs. The mini electric dirt bike also comes with parental controls allowing parents to add a speed limiter, geofencing, remote ‘disable’ button to prevent mishaps and more.

Vida has not confirmed production plans for the Lynx and Acro just yet but is gauging customer interest at EICMA. Enough interest should help green-light the project, which is likely to make it to Europe first, where the company begins operations by mid-2024. India could also get the electric dirt bikes making them for a very interesting proposition.

First Published Date: 09 Nov 2023, 17:27 PM IST

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