Japan Auto Show 2023: Toyota unveils Space Mobility Prototype for exploring the moon

Toyota has a slew of showstoppers at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 and it includes everything from an electric Land Cruiser to the electrified wheelchair, bringing a plethora of mobility solutions. Interestingly, the company’s go-anywhere capability isn’t just limited to Earth, instead, the company has unveiled the Space Mobility Prototype that showcases a rugged electric vehicle designed to explore the moon.

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| Updated on: 25 Oct 2023, 20:02 PM

The Toyota Space Mobility Prototype showcases an electric two-seater concept capable of traversing the rugged terrain on the moon

The Toyota Space Mobility concept has been engineered to traverse the rugged surfaces on the moon. It’s designed as a two-seater quadricycle with a roll cage and electric motors at each wheel. The concept comes with a four-wheel steering and Toyota says the model is capable of navigating boulders up to 50 cm tall and climbing steep 25-degree slopes.

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The Space Mobility concept measures 3,460 mm in length, 2,175 mm in width and 1,865 mm in height, which makes it only slightly larger than a kei car sold in Japan. What’s noteworthy is that the concept isn’t just a one-off and will be used for real-world testing instead. The insights gained from testing will be used for extraterrestrial missions including the Lunar Cruiser.

Apart from the Space Mobility Prototype, Toyota has also showcased the Land Cruiser Se previewing an electric SUV of the future. The company also showcased the EPU concept that showcases the next-generation mid-size pick-up truck from the company. Furthermore, the Land Hopper is a three-wheeled electric personal mobility concept showcased at the Japan Mobility Show. The company also revealed the FT-3e electric crossover and FT-Se electric sports car, which are likely to enter production at a later date.

First Published Date: 25 Oct 2023, 20:02 PM IST

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