Maruti Jimny price, Suzuki 5-door for Japan, exports from India

It’s also being exported to markets in Africa and South America.

Despite the immense local interest around the 3-door Jimny when it was unveiled in 2017, Maruti Suzuki did not launch it in the Indian market, choosing to develop a 5-door version instead. The company felt the additional doors would offer more practicality and would thus be a much better fit for the Indian market.

  1. 5-door Jimny to be showcased at Tokyo motor show
  2. 3-door Jimny production stopped in India

Post its unveiling, however, Maruti Suzuki says that the 5-door version has been receiving a lot of interest from international markets like Africa and South America, and even its home market in Japan. Speaking to Autocar India at a media interaction in Delhi, C V Raman, the chief technology officer at Maruti Suzuki, said, “The 5-door Jimny will also be launched in Japan, but in some time.”

India is currently the homeroom for all 5-door Jimnys for both left- and right-hand drive versions, and it recently dispatched its first export shipment. While the Indian plant initially began producing only the 3-door version, it now solely produces the 5-door version. However, Raman says that the plant can still produce the 3-door version.

Although the Jimny will be making its way to Japan – the made-in-India model is even slated to debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show – it is unlikely to make its way back to Europe in either 3-door or 5-door guise due to stricter emissions norms in the EU.

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