Uno Minda infotainment review: Adds Android Auto & Apple CarPlay wirelessly

Infotainment systems have become a vital part of cars now. In the past few years, the infotainment system has developed significantly. Because of this, they have become an important factor when making a purchase decision when someone is buying a new car. However, there are still many old cars on the road which have a pretty basic infotainment system.

By: Paarth Khatri
| Updated on: 21 Oct 2023, 17:35 PM

The infotainment system measures 9 inches so it would be able to fit most cars. However, additional fitment might be required depending on the vehicle.

Yes, the after-market is full of infotainment systems but there are very few well-reputed companies that are offering an infotainment system. One such company is Uno Minda, they are best known for supplying parts to OEMs and they have been doing this for several years. Now, they are entering the market with a new infotainment system of their own. It is called WTUNES-649TAACP and yes it is a very typical infotainment name. However, we got to test this new system and here is our review of it.

Uno Minda WTUNES-649TAACP: Runs on Android

The infotainment system measures a good 9 inches so it is still within the driver’s reach. The system runs on an Android system which means that it can possibly run any application that can be used on an Android phone. It comes with a Play Store so the applications can be updated as well as new applications can be installed using Wi-Fi. Apart from this, there is split screen functionality on offer as well. Uno Minda uses a T5 processor so there are no lags or stutters throughout the user interface. It also has 4 GB RAM and 64 GB onboard storage. This means that it can multi-task quite easily and the on-board storage helps in case the driver wants to store a few media items on the system itself.

The latest update of Android Auto can run on a split screen. There can be Google Maps on one side and Spotify on the other. There are voice commands on offer as well.

Uno Minda WTUNES-649TAACP: Wireless Android Auto & Apple CarPlay

Honestly, most people will be using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay on the infotainment system. The best thing about the infotainment system is that it comes with Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This means that you need to set it up just once and the next time you start the vehicle, the Android Auto or Apple CarPlay is automatically connected and is ready to go. I tested only Android Auto and it worked fine for the most part, I only faced two issues. The first one is that the touch is not as responsive as the OEM systems while the other one is that the Google Maps do not change the theme automatically. Because of this, the light theme does get annoying while riding at night and vice versa.

Moreover, the manufacturer has configured the system to turn on the hotspot automatically. This might look like a small thing but there are few aftermarket players in which the driver needs to turn on the hotspot manually.

Android Auto also shows the notifications and the driver can hear them and reply to them as well. The music application shown below in the form of a bar so that the driver can change the music anytime he or she wants.

Uno Minda WTUNES-649TAACP: Audio quality

The manufacturer has equipped the infotainment system with a 36-band equalizer which also has presets. The audio quality of the system is also quite good. It also supports an amplifier and a sub-woofer, in case the person plans to fit them. Apart from this, there is also a setting for fader and balance.

Uno Minda WTUNES-649TAACP: Features

Uno Minda has added several features to the infotainment system. It comes with support for the 360-degree camera which will make parking in tight spots very easy if you get the cameras installed. You can also just use the front and rear cameras, it is not necessary to have all four cameras. Apart from this, the infotainment system also comes with in-built support for high-definition cameras. If your car has controls on the steering wheel then that can also connect to the system.

The infotainment system is based on Android so it can theoretically run most of the applications that are available on Google Play Store. There is FM/AM on offer as well.

Then there are some clever features such as the volume automatically lowering when the reverse gear is engaged. Moreover, the brightness automatically turns down and the backlit behind the buttons automatically turns on when the headlamps are switched on. The infotainment system comes with two USB ports that can be used to charge the mobile phone, connect a USB stick to transfer stuff or connect Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. However, we did notice that the battery would start falling while using these USB ports because they are not rated for high output.

Uno Minda WTUNES-649TAACP: Verdict

The MRP on the box of the unit is 34, 990. However, depending on the seller, there is a possibility that a person ends up paying less. One important thing to note is that the fitment of the system is not very simple. I had to get new housing for the AC vents so that the infotainment system would fit. However, this depends on the car that the person is using. Then there is the additional cost of the panel and fitting that a person might have to consider. Having said that, fitting an infotainment is a one-time job so if you are planning to keep a car for a long time and want the convenience of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, the WTUNES-649TAACP from Uno Minda is a great option.

First Published Date: 21 Oct 2023, 17:35 PM IST

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