Lexus looks to Tesla for learning about electric car manufacturing

Lexus is benchmarking Tesla for developing its own next-generation electric cars, reported Automotive News. Lexus International President Takashi Watanabe has reportedly said that the Japanese luxury car brand owned by Toyota humbly looks at and learns from Tesla for its own electric cars, as the auto company aims to transform itself as a major EV player later in this decade.

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| Updated on: 22 Sep 2023, 13:45 PM

Lexus plans to make its future electric cars using an altered production technique.

Lexus aims to launch a massive EV offensive with multiple electric cars scheduled to go on sale in 2026. However, the task is not easy considering the fact that there are already several players in both the mass-market segment and the luxury segment as well. Watanabe reportedly finds it a difficult mission to steer the brand through a massive EV overhaul.

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Lexus is slated to preview its next-generation electric car that will launch in 2026 through a concept debuting at the Japan Mobility Show next month, claimed the report. The next-generation EV will be built on a modular architecture as the automaker has said. It will come with significantly altered production methods and a completely re-imagined software platform as well. “We have also prioritized vehicle design to embody the essence of Lexus,” he reportedly said while also adding that the auto company plans to make it easier to build and simply as much as possible. “One of our first steps will be modifying and rethinking our production methods,” he said.

With the altered production method, Lexus aims to drive down production costs by commoditizing the hardware as much as possible. With this strategy, it is reportedly aiming to compete with global EV leader Tesla and BYD. However, despite Tesla being its possible competitor, Watanabe didn’t shy away from admitting that Lexus has a lot to learn from the US electric car major.

Interestingly, Toyota at one point remained a key partner of Tesla. It would interesting to see if Lexus implements that learning into its own EV projects. The report claims the production technique is being developed by Toyota, from which Lexus will benefit. The production method will include giga-casting hat will greatly reduce the number of components. Also, the cars will reportedly drive themselves through assembly lines.

First Published Date: 22 Sep 2023, 13:45 PM IST

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