New TVS electric scooter to get smartwatch features, colour TFT display


Teaser videos suggest that you will be able to unlock the scooter’s handlebar and boot using a smartwatch.

It is only a matter of days before TVS reveals its upcoming electric scooter. The initial teasers suggested that this will be a production-spec machine drawing inspiration from the Creon concept that the company showed a few years ago, and now, the latest teasers give us an idea of some of the features it will have.

The first teaser pertains to the display itself, which will be a colour TFT screen. A number of snapshots of the display are shown in the teaser, and there are a couple of interesting observations to be made. One of the screens shows the speedometer reading 105kph, suggesting this will be a performance-oriented product. This backs up the Creon connection, since that concept was also quite a hardcore little thing.

Another snapshot shows what appear to be music playback controls on the screen. This seems to confirm the presence of Bluetooth connectivity – something that is once again backed up by the second teaser. This second clip shows a smartwatch display containing a few controls for the scooter. These seem to be locking/unlocking the underseat boot, locking/unlocking the handlebar, and some sort of alarm that could have an anti-theft purpose or serve to locate the scooter.


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