Simple Dot One name trademarked, could be new low-cost electric scooter


Sources close to the company quote an expected range claim of 180km.

Simple Energy already has its debut offering on sale, in the form of the One e-scooter that became available to buyers a few months ago. Now, the company has trademarked the Dot One nametag, and it’s likely that it could feature on an upcoming model that will be more affordable.

Priced between Rs 1.45 and 1.50 lakh, the One is a rather expensive proposition, and a big part of that is down to its rather large 5kWh total battery capacity. The recent cut in the FAME-2 subsidy will only have added to Simple’s challenges, and therefore the most likely possibility is that the new Dot One nametag will find its way onto a more affordable entry-level offering that will quite possibly sport a smaller battery pack.

Sources close to the company indicate a claimed range in the ballpark of 180km for the upcoming model, which is slightly lower than the 212km claimed IDC range for the One. This further supports the notion that the Dot One will receive a slightly smaller battery pack, and Simple could also cut down on some of the features to help reduce costs. The 5kWh capacity on the One is split between a fixed pack in the floorboard and a removable pack in the underseat area, and perhaps Simple could move to a ‘simpler’ design featuring only a single fixed battery pack.

Meanwhile, as Simple Energy seemingly prepares to launch new products, its debut offering has seen a slow start, with the government’s VAHAN portal showing just 32 Simple scooters registered since it became available to buyers in May. This comes two years after the company first ‘launched’ the product on 15 August 2021, then at Rs 1.1 lakh. Despite this, Simple Energy claims to have received over 1 lakh bookings in the pre-launch period of the One.

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