These are 5 ways you can contribute to reduce vehicle pollution

Delhi-NCR is covered with a thick layer of toxic air with the Air Quality Index (AQI) crossing the 400-mark over the last week. This has prompted the government to implement the final Stage 4 of its air pollution control plan, called the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP). Further, the odd-even vehicle rule has made a comeback to the city after four years.

Delhi government has implemented GRAP Stage 4 and odd-even rule to curb air pollution in the national capital.

Vehicular pollution is a major contributor to the PM2.5 levels, which worsen the air quality. In a bid to reduce this and bring in a significant impact, it is important for common people to step up alongside the government initiatives. Below are a few ways you can contribute towards reducing vehicular pollution:

1. Avoid using ICE vehicles for small distances

Often people take out their vehicles to visit even a nearby shop or other places whereas these distances can easily be covered by walking or using cycles. Along with avoiding emissions, you will also get done some physical activity, which is good for health.

2. Drive efficiently

It is important to get your car regularly checked and serviced for cleaner emissions. One must also keep vehicle pollution under check. A poorly maintained car/two-wheeler would be a huge source of higher amounts of pollution and therefore further contribute to worsening AQI.

3. Use public transport when possible

In the era of ever-increasing traffic and vehicular pollution, one must consider using public transportation, whenever possible. If there is a direct metro line or a direct bus route to your destination, consider choosing that over riding your ICE vehicle all alone. Lesser vehicles on road will mean lesser emissions, thus lesser pollution.

4. Choose car-pooling/ride-sharing

Along with being a good way to reduce the numbers of vehicles on road, car-pooling is also a cost-effective way of travelling. You could form a group of people who travel to the same destination everyday and use one car. This will help you divide the expenses as well as reduce vehicular pollution. Some cab aggregators also offer car-pooling options.

5. Avoid idling your car

You should consider turning off the engine of your vehicle when stuck in traffic or a waiting at a signal, as long as it is safe to do so. This not only reduces emissions but also saves fuel and increases your vehicle’s mileage.

First Published Date: 06 Nov 2023, 16:18 PM IST

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