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The vehicles will be made-to-order and offered with a 1-year warranty on customisations.

Indian industrialist Gautam Singhania has launched his latest venture called GS Design, which transforms standard people movers into luxury vehicles with plush interiors. Singhania also operates the Super Car Club Garage (SCCG), which restored Ravi Shastri’s iconic Audi 100.

  1. GS Design’s custom Innova Crysta costs Rs 45 lakh
  2. Custom designed Force Traveller costs Rs 85 lakh

Customised Innova Crysta by GS Design 

The modified Innova Crysta gets a complete interior makeover, with the second and third rows getting two captain’s chairs – that get a powered recline and ottoman function – draped in perforated leather. For privacy, there is a solid partition that separates the front of the cabin from the rear. The partition comes with additional storage spaces, and it is also where the 40-inch TV is mounted for rear-seat entertainment, however, sizes can range from 32 to 55 inches, depending on customer preference. The customised Crysta by GS Design is also equipped with internet and telephone connectivity, ambient lighting and a starlight headliner with a shooting star effect, like Rolls-Royce cars.

GS can build eight such Innovas simultaneously and the price for the custom Innova Crysta is around Rs 45 lakh (including the price of the vehicle), and the conversion process will take about 2.5 months.

Customised Force Traveller by GS Design

GS Design also offers customisations for the Force Traveller, which gets seven seats. Three of the seats are captain’s chairs like in the Innova with powered recline and ottoman functions. Like the customised Innova, this too comes with a 43-inchTV, internet and telephone connectivity, and ambient lighting, but that’s about where the similarities end. The customised Traveller gets a built-in chemical toilet and a mini pantry to keep occupants at ease on journeys.

The Traveller that was showcased had an election campaign vehicle and comes with a platform that can be raised via a Hydraulic lift to allow politicians to address crowds from the roof. There’s a fixed enclosure with guard rails present on the top to ensure the safety of users. The election campaign vehicle also boasts of two 32-inch LED TVs on the outside along with a PA system with external speakers.

The customised Force Traveller costs Rs 85 lakh, including the cost of the vehicle. GS Design says that they will take approximately three months to modify the Traveller and the workshop can build two of these vehicles simultaneously. Like with the Innova, the Force Traveller is offered in multiple customisation options.

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GS Design Warranty, registration and future products

Since there is a change in seating configuration from the stock vehicle, this would have to reflect in the RC book and other official details. When asked if the company would be re-registering the vehicles, GS Design said that it would not be handling that aspect. A point worth noting is that the original warranty of the vehicle offered by the manufacturer will also be void once it’s customised. However, GS Design is offering a 1-year warranty on the customisations done to the vehicle.

Speaking to Autocar India, Singhania shared that the company has received over 20 orders for the Innova Crysta and Force Traveller over the past week. He also revealed that the company is looking at working on projects involving the Volvo Vanity Van, Kia Carnival and even the Toyota Vellfire.

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