TVS Apache 310 price, new naked bike India launch details

It will use the same engine as the Apache RR 310 and the BMW G 310 range.

TVS has released another teaser of its upcoming 310cc naked bike, which is based on the Apache RR 310, ahead of its launch just a week from now. 

  1. Adjustable levers, twin-horn setup, horizontal dash visible in teaser
  2. Design will be very different when compared to the BMW G 310 R
  3. India launch on September 6

We have seen multiple teasers for this new machine, and we already know that the design won’t have much in common with its BMW counterpart, the G 310 R. The design, while literally under wraps for now, is quite edgy and sharp, and it’s must obviously visible in the sharp tank extensions and minimalist tail section. 

The rear subframe and split seat setup appear to be new and the wheels are also different when seen in the light of any other TVS model on sale currently. The dash also appears to be a horizontally-mounted unit, as opposed to the vertical one found on other BMW-TVS 310 platform bikes. While it’s not visible here, the instrument cluster will most likely be a TFT unit. The trapezoidal mirrors also look different than anything seen on any previous TVS model. 

The fork tops do not appear to have adjusters, but the BTO kit offered on the RR 310 could well be offered as an optional extra. What can also be seen here is a large radiator, LED indicators from the Ronin, adjustable levers, and a twin-horn setup. The naked TVS 310 also runs on the same grippy Michelin Road 5 tyres as the Apache RR 310, which is good news.

The exhaust muffler is the same as other Indo-Bavarian 310cc bikes, which means that while the styling and feature-set will likely be very different, expect the mechanicals to be quite familiar. 

The rider in these images is TVS Motor Company’s Managing Director, Sudarshan Venu, who seems to be using a TVS-branded BluArmor-sourced Bluetooth intercom. To read our review of the TVS S20X Bluetooth communicator with mesh connectivity, tap here.

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