Updated Bajaj Chetak Premium e-scooter India launch on Jan 5th

The current Chetak with the LCD display will likely remain on sale as the Chetak Urbane, while the new Premium version will get features like a TFT display.

Bajaj will launch an updated Chetak Premium on January 5th, and the improved e-scooter will get fancier features, including a new TFT display.

The current Chetak lineup already includes an Urbane and a Premium variant, but the two scooters are extremely similar. With the updated Chetak Premium, Bajaj is likely to broaden the gap between the two variants. The Chetak Urbane will carry on as the more affordable and more basic version, while the updated Chetak Premium will present the more expensive and more feature-rich option.

Teaser image showing the new TFT screen coming to the updated Chetak Premium.


The company has taken to social media to announce the launch of the updated Chetak Premium, which will take place at 1pm on Jan 5. Additionally, it has also put up teaser images showing parts of the scooter, including a clear look at the new TFT screen. From the display readout, we can tell that the updated scooter will get Bluetooth connectivity and turn-by-turn navigation. It will also almost certainly continue to feature riding modes.

The images also show the rest of the scooter, which looks fairly identical to the current Chetak Premium. It will continue to sport the neat single-sided front suspension, the smart alloy wheels and the slick, rounded design. The seat, lights, floorboard and apron storage space also remain unchanged.

What’s not yet known is whether the powertrain and battery pack will receive any revisions. At present, the Chetak Premium gets a 2.9kWh battery pack good for a claimed range of 108km – at the very least, this is likely to increase to 113km as a result of software upgrades, as we saw with the recently launched Chetak Urbane.


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